Transgender Texas wrestler wins second high school title amid controversy

Mack Beggs

Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs is booed after second straight state title win | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Beggs is reportedly on testosterone therapy as he continues to make the transition from female to male, an issue that has sparked some controversy.

Beggs is a transgender male who has been legally taking testosterone since his freshman year of high school, but Texas' University Interscholastic league rules dictate that athletes must "compete in the gender division that corresponds to their birth certificates".

But Beggs is required by rules to compete as a girl against girls, even though he's previously said he would rather wrestle boys.

Cheers and boos greeted the judges' decision but it confirmed what everybody already knew about Mack Beggs: he is by far the best in his girls' wrestling weight class in Texas.

"You put me in front of anybody and I'll wrestle them", Beggs said.

Many parents have been outraged to see their daughters wrestling someone who, effectively, has the strength of a young man. However, he completes in the girl's division because Texas public high schools require athletes to go by the sex on their birth certificate. "All I can hope for is that they come to their [senses] and realize this is stupid and we should change the policies to conform to other people in my position".

"Honestly, I didn't even care about the boos", Beggs contended after winning the championship past year, according to CNN. However, many voiced that he should be wrestling boys or not wrestling at all. It states that the state's high school athletics organization, the University Interscholastic League, can "declare a student ineligible for competition on the basis of steroid use" even if the student is taking the substances for "a valid medical goal".

Parents are reportedly concerned about the safety risk of their children competing with an athlete on steroids, with more than one opponent forfeiting against Beggs.

However, Beggs recently told the Dallas Morning News, he has fended off the criticism and focused on his sport.

Beggs, who was born female as Mackenzie, identifies as a male. It's been a lot quieter since a year ago when his march to a state championship was soured by a last-minute lawsuit that tried to stop him.

Last year, Beggs' first championship received mix responses from the crowd.

Beggs is now entertaining a scholarship offer at an out-of-state school. It finally paid off.

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