Season 3 Begins for Fortnite, New Battle Pass Announced for Battle Royale

Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Start date time skins and rewards news for Battle Royale

EPIC Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass Start date time skins and rewards news for Battle Royale

When you buy the Season 3 Battle Pass, you'll instantly unlock a batch of great in-game rewards including the new Mission Specialist Outfit!

The release of the season 3 Battle Pass is one of the more anticipated parts of the newest update, but there are plenty of other additions that will excite Fortnite fans.

Players will have roughly two months for this upcoming season which may seem like a long time but keep in mind the Season 3 Battle Pass has increased from 70 tiers to 100 tiers.

The Fortnite season 3 Battle Pass will also replace daily challenges with weekly ones, and it will only be on sale with a V-Bucks price.

Command the power of the mighty Hand Cannon, and experience Fortnite Battle Royale at 60 FPS on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X. Last but certainly not least, we've made hefty improvements to the building blocks of Build Mode. However, they should note that it is expected to cost around $150, according to Polygon.

All those updates are coming to both Battle Royale and Save the World, but the latter will be waiting a while for a new bit of improved network functionality. This new challenge system will ask you to complete four out of seven offered quests in order to unlock the full rewards for that week.

New Orchestral Music Score!

Players can now build structures just about anywhere, even through trees, rocks and cars. There's a new turbo building feature, you can now build through nearly anything (move over huge trees) and your materials will auto switch when you run out of the one you're currently using. With turbo building, players can hold down the fire button and place building pieces in quick succession, and the game can also switch to available materials if the now selected material runs out. Another "issue" is that players who hadn't purchased the Battle Pass were getting all of its content immediately.

After going down for scheduled maintenance in preparation for the new season, Battle Royale was briefly available before being pulled again because of technical issues. Epic has also implemented back blings, skydiving visual effects, and switchable loading screens this time too.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now.

Epic announced turbo building in a blog post today.

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