McDonald's is bringing back a sauce that led to riots

Justin Sullivan  Getty Images

Justin Sullivan Getty Images

This time around fans can rejoice as the word on the e-streets is that McDonald's Is Bringing Back "Rick and Morty" Szechuan Sauce.

Last October, the country went insane when McDonald's released its famous Szechuan Sauce - but in a very limited way.

On Wednesday, McDonald's officially confirmed the return of its much ballyhooed condiment, which will be available starting on February 26 at all USA restaurants - but only for patrons who make a "qualifying purchase". In total, there will be 20 million cups available.

"We disappointed fans and we are sorry".

McDonald's is determined to squeeze every last drop of sweet, tangy publicity out of its Szechuan Sauce. In October, McDonald's released the sauce for one day, prompting lines. However, McDonald's neglected to mention that each location would only have a very limited number of sauce packets, and quickly ran out.

The sauce was a limited-time menu item in the 90's. Packets are available with a a qualifying purchase and while supplies last. The limited batch was at a few McDonald's locations October 7. "That's my one-armed-man, Morty!" a raging Rick tells his frightened grandson.

Rick and Morty sparked the resurgent interest in Szechuan sauce after airing a reference to it in an April 2017 episode. It's available in every McDonald's in the US, and there is presumably enough of it that people won't have to pay an exuberant amount of money on eBay after this Monday to get their hands on it. People demanded the sauce.

McDonald's is obviously making a big deal out of bring the sauce back, and that includes documenting the excitement surrounding the sauce and the process of making amends for their shortage last fall. Some customers were so upset that police had to be called to locations.

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