'Black Panther' pounces to box office glory over holiday weekend

Black Panther villain Killmonger

MARVELBlack Panther villain Killmonger

With each passing today, new reports arrive of critical and financial milestones for the latest Marvel movie, suggesting that T'Challa and director Ryan Coogler will remain a key part of the MCU moving forward. But director Ryan Coogler weaves in these political issues elegantly and without detracting from the overall entertainment. "It's meaty, it's different, and it's ideal for new readers just coming to the world of T'Challa and Black Panther".

And "Black Panther" has hit other high marks as well. Previously, actress Angela Bassett, who plays Queen Mother of Wakanda in the film, told People how impressed she was with the way "Black Panther" depicts "all the wounds and all the disconnection" that generations of African Americans have felt in America.

T'Challa is no longer just the king of Wakanda.

Speaking with Empire Film Podcast, Coogler confessed that seeing T'Challa take the stage among the rest of the world's powers was how he wanted to leave Black Panther. Obviously, this never ended up happening in the film, she did sport the Panther gauntlets that she is wearing in the artwork during the film's climactic battle.

"Black Panther" not only shattered Hollywood's outdated notions about diversity - but also overturned the perception of February as a movie-going wasteland, insiders said. While initial forecasts placed Black Panther at the top of the box office, the reality surpassed every prediction made as those forecasts updated throughout the weekend. Marvel Studios' President and Producer Kevin Feige has already stated they would love for Coogler to come back for the sequel to be announced later. Instead, you look like one super-sized person. "Marvel just has the winning recipe and they're kind of one step ahead of everybody else", he said. Marvel didn't specify what the continued "legacy" numbering of this Black Panther #1 would be. Black Panther is a massive achievement for representation in the same way that Wonder Woman was past year, and most importantly, the film totally delivered, so much so that we have a whole list's worth of exciting and cool moments to talk about.

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