Aerial look at Ohio River floodwaters

2 near the Warwood Shopping Center late Thursday

Flood warning remains in place along Ohio River

At stages near 54 feet, Route 52 and Route 232 near Point Pleasant, Ohio are covered with water. The river crested around 47.5 feet, causing railroad tracks and areas of Henderson to flood.

Here were the Ohio River levels, here in Louisville.

The stage was 45.2 feet at Meldahl Dam at 10 a.m. Saturday; flood stage is 51 feet. At 16.5 feet major flooding occurs in and around Stryker.

Below the dam the previous crest forecast was 59 feet.

Ohio, Hart, Putnam, South Seventh, Charles, Pike, Walnut, Stone and Virginia streets were also closed with the rising waters and Gilman Avenue's coverage grew as the morning passed with both the college and high school boathouses' bays filling with water and the Rotary pavilion on the west side almost underwater entirely by mid-afternoon.

At 11 a.m. Saturday, the stage was 49 feet in Cincinnati; flood stage is 52 feet. At 16.5 feet, floodwaters approach the top of the Montpelier Dikes and several roads become impassible. It's expected to reach 44.5 feet on March 1.

The Maumee River at Fort Wayne from Tuesday evening until further notice.

The river at Paducah was at 38.9 feet Monday. It's not expected to level below the flood stage until Friday.

The Eel River at North Manchester from late tonight to Saturday morning. The city of Maysville itself is protected to a stage just above 79 feet. The river has begun falling, but flooding persisted Wednesday in Cincinnati and nearby areas in southwest OH, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana. Backwater flooding also begins in Brown County, especially along Eagle and Straight Creeks. Area emergency crews and affected residents also are expected to see a relief from the heavy rainfall that contributed to the flood.

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