PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gets a New Map This Summer

Image via Bluehole Inc

Image via Bluehole Inc

As for the PUBG's new map, details are scarce at the moment.

Also expected to roll out soon are changes to matchmaking that will sort and prioritize users by ping. This includes the launch of the game's third map, which is now due at some point before the second half of 2018. Having a high ping in PUBG typically results in a awful experience for the high ping player's opponents more than anything else, creating uneven and unpredictable fights.

H1Z1 continued to remain popular despite PUBG's success though, but the real nail in the coffin seems to have arrived now, with the release of free to play battle royale game Fortnite, which was immediately available on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

You can see the full odds of getting each piece of gear in the patch notes. However, the latest news on that front did mention that most cheaters that have been banned are from China.

"Early this year, development of some of the major features and systems was delayed as our focus shifted towards tightening our anti-cheat effort", the team wrote. "We do have a lot of exciting things that we want to share with you, including new content to provide more extensive battle royale experiences as well as improvements and modifications".

This will be done "by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping", the developers are confident that this feature will improve the playing experience.

The team is also plugging away at a system to "divide the matching pool depending on ping".

Today's blog post accompanies a new game update which fixes some bugs and makes a few other, minor changes. The first tests of the new method will take place next week. The team will be trying ping-based matchmaking to help improve the "gameplay environment". Although no specific date has been disclosed for it.

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