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When he arrived in the capital, Delhi, he was met at the airport by a junior minister in what many interpreted to be a "snub".

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's first visit was as a boy, with his father Pierre Trudeau. He also famously hugs his foreign counterparts.

Taking a variety of questions both from TV journalist Shereen Bhan as well as students, Trudeau defined himself as a feminist and emphasised the need to empower women to create a more successful society.

Justin has served as the Prime Minister of Canada since 2015.

The Trudeau family are repeating history in a visit to India.

The Times of India was equally perplexed with Trudeau's visit. And if so, why?

Columnist and economist Vivek Dehejia, while speaking to BBC, said: "Yes, this is a major snub".

The Congress leader had earlier refused to meet Trudeau, claiming that his cabinet members were connected and supported the formation of Khalistan.

A Canadian journalist at the Toronto Sun, Candice Malcolm, pointed out the stark difference in how other visiting dignitaries were greeted by Modi by sharing photos of world leaders' visits to India.

Canadian High Commissioner to India Nadir Patel hosts a dinner for Trudeau and Canadian ministers - Harjit Sajjan, Amarjeet Sohi, Navdeep Bains and Bardish Chagger - who have accompanied him on this trip.

Bharatiya Janata Party straightaway rejected the snub speculations and said normal diplomatic protocals have been followed to Trudeau. His reception was compared to the one Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was given last month where not only did Modi set aside protocol to receive him at the airport, he also held a roadshow with him in Ahmedabad.

The trip comes almost three years after Modi visited Canada in April 2015. Canadian officials are giving no explanation for the decision not to meet him.

Trudeau is scheduled to meet with Modi in New Delhi on Friday. India also accused other Sikhs in Mr Trudeau's cabinet of similar leanings.

Canada mainly imports pearls, organic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, textiles, bicycles and motorcycles from India.

Capt Amarinder expressed the hope that his meeting with Trudeau would help strengthen the bilateral relations between Canada and India, particularly in the context of Punjab, which has a large diaspora in Canada.

"This is normal protocol". Indian government officials want Trudeau to be firmer in clamping down on separatist elements within Sikh communities in Canada, which they believe provide a platform for some to commit acts of violence to achieve independence. "For me, all my life I focused on how best I can make the difference", he said.

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