Woman Destroys Her Gun in Wake of Florida High School Shooting

WATCH: Woman who destroyed her gun after Florida school shooting says it made gun nuts flip out

Connecticut Gun Owner, Reacting To Parkland School Shooting, Destroys Her Pistol

United States gun owners are destroying their rifles in response to the Florida school mass shooting which claimed 17 lives.

"Quite frankly, any legal gun owner is capable of snapping and committing a horrific crime, even without mental illness", Pappalardo said in his video.

"I've decided today, I'm going to make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life".

A common argument against allowing people to own automatic weapons is that the only objective it holds is to kill.

However, since the five years have passed, hundreds of other kids have been killed in school shootings and Pappalardo said his proclamation was just "empty words in the spur of the moment".

By way of explanation for why he owns one of these assault rifles, he said: "I'll be honest: It's a lot of fun to shoot..."

NY resident Scott Pappalardo posted the video to his Facebook page Saturday.

Pappalardo then places the rifle under a power saw and cuts it in half, before returning to his chair to end the video.

Hollywood star Julianne Moore praised Mr Pappalardo's video, tweeting: Please watch this eloquent gun owner explain why he destroyed his gun.

He pointed out that Cruz - and Stephen Paddock, who slaughtered 58 people in Las Vegas a year ago in America's worst mass shooting - were both legal gun owners.

"When do we make laws saying maybe a weapon like this isn't acceptable in today's society?" he asked. Is the right to own this weapon more important than someone's life?.

'Look at the pictures of those victims.

"Just because gun violence in this country is getting out of control and there's really no need for people to have semiautomatic weapons", Meyer said.

"In the back of my head I say, 'What if whoever buys this weapon, their child gets hold of it and brings it to school one day and shoots a bunch of people?' Could I live with that?"

However, now, he said, "there's one less". "I don't think I could", Pappalardo said.

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