The Swype keyboard app for Android has been discontinued

Swype Keyboard for Android with Dragon Dictation has been Discontinued

Swype for Android discontinued : Android - Reddit

Swype, however, hasn't really caught on in quite the same way that, say, SwiftKey has, which is likely the reason why the company behind the app, Nuance, has announced that it's reached "end of development". The app was really popular for years even despite its privacy issues.

Endless third-party keyboards populate the Android and iOS ecosystem; some purely meant for the fastest typing experience, while others that play around with GIFs and quick searches. As or now, are you still using the Swype keyboard app on iOS? With no regular update to take care of future risks, it would be increasingly unsafe to continue relying on the Swype keyboard app.

Nuance will no longer be updating the Swype+Dragon keyboard for Android. And, this discontinuation has also been confirmed by Nuance's PR team to XDA Developers. An article on Zendesk appears to confirm the news. However, it would hardly make any sense since the keyboard is no longer in development.

The wider context here is that as speech recognition technologies have got better - improvements in turn made possible thanks to language models trained with data sucked up from keyboard inputs - voice interfaces can start to supplant keyboard-based input methods in more areas.

But mobile keyboard startup Swype, created in Seattle in the early 2000s by technology pioneer Cliff Kushler, achieved that status.

Like a lot of my fellow Android users, I often used to jump back and forth between keyboard apps on my phone. In addition to being around on the Play Store for so long, many Huawei devices still ship with Swype preinstalled out of the box. Which keyboard app will you now switch to?

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