United States' First Lady Shuns Cameras In Alleged Trump Affair

Donald Trump with former Playboy model Karen Mc Dougal in

Donald Trump with former Playboy model Karen Mc Dougal in

"It was so obvious that a Playmate Promotions exec said, 'Wow, he was all over you - I think you could be his next wife".

Donald Trump had a nine-month extramarital affair with the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the year, according to her account of the relationship obtained by a United States magazine.

The latest woman who says she had an affair with President Donald Trump is a native of Southwest Michigan.

Reporters travelling with Mr. Trump were prevented from seeing the First Lady arrive on the plane, but she did exit the plane at West Palm Beach with him. His tabloid also endorsed for Trump during the presidential campaign.

McDougal, who confirmed the authenticity of her notes in an interview with New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow, said she was speaking out in part because of the #MeToo movement.

McDougal's comments appeared to buttress the accounts of two other women who said Trump pursued them for sex in the early years of his marriage to Melania Trump. As she was leaving, according to the account, McDougal writes he offered her money, which she said made her sad, and she declined.

"It took my rights away", she said.

The Herald-Palladium ran a profile story about McDougal in 1997, just before her debut as Miss December. According to Pecker's company, the story was not published because it was not deemed credible and the White House denies there was an affair with McDougal.

In Stormy Daniel's case, president's personal lawyer Michael Cohen admitted to paying Ms Daniels 130,000 dollars but refused to say why.

American Media, Inc., the publisher of the National Enquirer, defends that Karen signed her contract after Trump won the presidency and added that she may "respond to legitimate press inquiries" regarding the supposed affair.

The alleged liaison with 1998 "Playmate of the Year" Karen McDougal was described in an article in The New Yorker. Daniels has allegedly been paid off to stay mum about her "affair' with Trump sending a new catch phrase from tabloid journalism swirling into the mainstream news circuit - "catch and kill". Another adult-film actress, Dawn Vanguard, whose screen name is Alana Evans, claimed that Trump invited her to join them in his hotel room that weekend. "But now I pray to live right, and make right with the wrongs that I have done", she said. Farrow spoke with Jerry George, a former AMI senior editor, who told him that the company never published anything about Trump without his approval.

Cohen's confession that he paid Stormy Daniels tells us that members of Trump's inner circle were also players in the game.

In the wake of other allegations of affairs involving Trump, Farrow said there has been an "uptick in contact" between AMI and McDougal. "The police doing the original investigation say they were guilty".

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