Apple employees keep walking into glass walls

Apple Campus

Apple got a painful reminder that design and safety aren't friends

Apple's spaceship campus has been lauded as an architectural marvel. Jony Ive, Apple's design chief, stepped away from his regular role for roughly two years in order to shepherd Apple Park to completion.

It turns out that when a company loves glass buildings and also creates devices for hours of addictive personal use, sometimes it ends up with injured employees who are too distracted by the products to notice walls. This was to make everyone feel connected-everyone can see everyone else even when they are in their own offices-called "pods" in Apple-speak.

The massive ring-shaped Apple Park campus in Cupertino houses around 13,000 employees.

According to a Bloomberg report and our favourite "Friday story" in a while, Apple workers are making habit of walking into the panes of glass.

Problem is, people can see right through the glass.

Bloomberg's Mark Bergen reports on a flaw at Apple's new headquarters: Distracted employees seem to keep smacking their faces into the ideal glass panes that make up the offices' interior workspaces, and they're hurting themselves, "according to people familiar with the incidents". But Apple management removed them because they didn't match the design of the building, Bloomberg reported.

Indeed, Apple makes use of visual indicators like that at its One Infinite Loop campus already.

With the size and facility to house almost 13,000 employees, the £3.5bn ($4.9bn) Apple Park was originally proposed by Steve Jobs shortly before his death in 2011.

Apple Park campus, which was slated to open in April 2017, was open to employees early this year. In doing so, however, it has probably further reduced the likelihood of people seeing that there's actually glass in front of them.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

Apple appears to have somewhat of an office problem as employees keep bumping their heads into the California headquarters' new glass walls.

The "dumbass walks into a glass door" bit is so hack that it was on Two and a Half Men before Charlie Sheen went all AIDS-crazy and tried to strangle Chuck Lorre or whatever.

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