What Margaret Good's victory means for Suncoast, Florida

People are defecting from the GOP. But not to the Democrats

Will Mullery CNN

In state legislative and congressional special elections, Democrats have seen bigger overperformances compared to 2016 in redder districts.

House District 72 leans Republican.

But pollsters also found that with voters who planned to cast ballots Election Day, Buchanan outperformed Good, which suggested a surge of eleventh-hour Republican support.

If Good could win in a Trump-friendly area while attacking Trump, that's an ominous sign for Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

By enabling Trump, Republican lawmakers have soiled the GOP brand.

Generic polls ask voters which party they are inclined to vote for rather than which candidate. Thirty-eight percent said they would support a Democrat, while 23 percent are undecided.

"The Democrats are highly motivated", Lewandowski said.

Good's victory was the second special election upset for Democrats since Trump took office a little more than a year ago. "Then the fact that Republicans, clearly large numbers of Republicans voted for her". Only 32 percent are Democrats, which leaves a surprising 25 percent of voters as "other".

The result: a remarkably high 36 percent voter turnout in a typically low-yield special election, and another victory.

In Sarasota County, where registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats by about 10 percent, residents were speculating about what might have happened. Ryan, who has won all of his House campaigns decisively, is the best-funded House incumbent, with $9.7 million on hand.

"I can tell you, speaking for the Republican Party, we would love to do DACA".

So far, most quantitative analyses of special elections (including my own) have focused on this Democratic overperformance and what it means for the midterm elections, but that's not the only interesting part of the story.

And these explanations aren't mutually exclusive: Both turnout and vote share typically matter in elections. "They were fed up and they were taking it out on James Buchanan".

The poll also reported that large majorities of voters have "serious concerns" about some of his advisers meeting with officials tied to the Kremlin at Trump Tower or Trump's interest in lifting sanctions against Russian Federation.

Good's campaign got a major shot in the arm from the national Democratic push on her behalf, allowing her to raise more money than Buchanan.

Good had a full-time staff of eight paid employees and hundreds of volunteers knocking on doors.

"Just like we did previous year with Annette Taddeo, Democrats are organizing, investing, and winning elections across Florida as voters reject Rick Scott and Donald Trump's disastrous agenda", Perez said. "The most effective and efficient way to reach a voter is face to face".

Prior to becoming a state representative, Good worked in the nonprofit community and served as an editor for the Florida Law Review at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, her website cites.

Good, a Sarasota lawyer and first-time candidate, secured 52.17% of the vote. Voters talked about being repeatedly visited by door knockers and receiving a steady stream of flyers, telephone calls and text messages.

Niles Township Republican Committeeman Joe Hedrick said after sexual harassment allegations came to light against Silverstein in late October, there would have been only two weeks to collect 2,000 signatures in November and December. After the exciting victory here at home Tuesday night, good drove to Tallahassee early Wednesday morning to start serving District 72.

Schale said it's crucial that Democrats recruited a credible candidate.

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