Apple delays software features due to bugs

iOS 12 for iPads Looks Like a Big Bummer

New iOS update lets users stop Apple from slowing down phones

According to people familiar with the change, Apple will begin focusing on the next two years of updates for its iOS devices, instead of forcing engineers to cram tons of new features into an annual update.

As according to a report in Bloomberg, the company intends to change its product development strategy with renewed focus being on rooting out bugs from the software rather than just pushing new headline features in its iOS upgrades.

READ NEXT:Amazon quietly bought security cam startup Blink for $90m In a meeting last month, Apple software SVP Craig Federighi told the company's engineers that they'll now have more time to develop features. These would include Animoji feature in FaceTime, a deeper Siri integration, improvements to the Stocks app and Do Not Disturb mode, as well as a new multiplayer mode for augmented reality games.

The change is also somewhat of an admission and acknowledgement that some users have been complaining about the stability of iOS and macOS updates, as if they were released haphazardly or hastily.

Apple hasn't commented on the rumours, but will unveil iOS 12 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference later this year. On the other hand, the news that Apple's internal systems have not been breached by an outside attacker is to be welcomed - if, of course, the sources' claims ring true.

This hasn't been working out so well for Apple since many tools end up getting delayed, such as sending money through iMessage in iOS 11.

The hope, it's clear, is to avoid some of the more embarrassing launches that have punctured Apple's reputation for software solidity in recent years.

These features will be part of a new iOS release that's reportedly codenamed Peace. Apple has faced plenty of criticism lately due to various software issues or feature delays, prompting many to wonder why the company isn't deploying the same kind of near-perfect software experiences of the past. This way, iOS developers could port iOS apps to the Mac without having to recode big portions of the app. Apple has pushed back updates originally slated for next year, including a redesigned home screen and updates to the Photos app, according to Bloomberg. First, Apple is going to fix some low-hanging fruits with nice-to-have features on iOS.

In terms of the iPad, tabs - which have typically only been used in desktop browsers like Windows 10 and macOS - are coming as well, allowing several windows to run inside a single app, as well as he ability to run apps simultaneously, side-by-side.

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