Google is developing 'Stories' to make web search results fancier

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Google brings AMP Stories to Google Search to deliver visually rich content

Rather than the data that was most recent when the email was sent, it could be updated depending on what's current when you actually open the message. "Because AMP for Email is an open spec, we look forward to seeing how other email clients will adopt it, too", Sahney wrote, perhaps indicating that rivals such as Outlook, Yahoo!

"It's a mobile-focused format for creating visually rich stories". In simple terms, Gmail users will be able to achieve more without leaving the email once developers tap into "AMP for Email".

People can also see AMP stories on Google Search.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are designed with HTML tags that optimize mobile content delivery.

As of now, AMP Stories does not allow advertising to be incorporated. (Note: Stories were not included in the search results on this reporter's device, but did work for others at Quartz.) Google worked with those publishers to develop the format. However, the technology will make its way to Gmail soon, although Google has not released a roll-out date yet.

For now, Google is still observing how this new format would perform for its users.

Google brings AMP Stories to Google Search to deliver visually rich content

Yes, that's right. Google has introduced AMP Stories for Google Search, because Stories are all the rage right now.

AMP Stories largely resemble the concept Snapchat offers with its Discover tab.

According to Google, these stories may contain texts, image and even videos.

Google is kicking off AMP Stories by gradually testing it with a small group of users, and the company hopes to expand the new format to all users in the near-future after sufficient testing.

Rudy Galfi, Product Manager for AMP at Google said in a blog post that "creating visual stories on the web with the fast and smooth performance that users have grown accustomed to in native apps can be challenging". I am not sure if this will be there only for brand related searches or it will add stories from multiple brands at the top if it matches to a search result.

Some AMP Stories will include sound. Until then, here's a video of what AMP Stories should look like.

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