US wins first mixed doubles curling game

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Winter Olympics 2018: Canada, Switzerland to play for mixed curling gold

Canada and Team OAR are already guaranteed two of the four semifinal spots in mixed doubles curling, but three others teams - Switzerland, Norway and China - will be fighting it out tonight for the other two.

Eight teams are taking part in mixed curling at the Olympics, with the top-4 qualifying for the medal round. "There are things that are out of your control so you can't really sweat those things".

We're talking, of course, about United States curling master Matt Hamilton.

Morris and Lawes have won five straight after opening competition with a loss to Norway.

Erin Hamlin will be the flag bearer for the US on Friday morning in the Parade of Nations.

"I think we had a strong game overall", Morris said.

The saying goes that blood is thicker than water, but for Team USA's inaugural mixed doubles curling team, the two can be a golden combination so long as the water is kept below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. "I thought it was lame, to be honest". Morris and Kaitlyn Lawes will get their first crack at the Olympic Athletes from Russian Federation as they look to move their record to 5-1 tomorrow.

The two teams that would play in the potential tiebreak game will depend on Switzerland's game against Team OAR Saturday night.

"We just need to continue to grow and get more comfortable with the ice, play up little by little, and just try and hope we get enough wins in the round robin to qualify for the playoff".

Olympic curling action is heating up and Friday will give casual fans a look into some important action between the eight countries represented by mixed doubles teams. "Since we've done that our performance has improved immensely". "The ice was nice and consistent, but I have to make sure I throw to my tolerance a bit more so that if I do miss, it's not a killer miss".

"Unfortunately there's not free bingo spaces here", said Lawes.

The game lasts eight ends.

Everything seemed to change in the fifth end against China when Morris snuffed out a rally by making an outstanding triple takeout. "That's the key (to the win)", said Stoughton.

"He brought me into the game, so I guess what better partner can I find than someone that brought me up?" said Becca. The two shook hands, and Hamilton headed back to the other end with a smile on his face. The Finns had seen enough at that point.

Now, Cotter is passing on his experience to the Korean team in the new Olympic event, which begins Thursday. "They know all the trials and tribulations that come with it and the distractions. That's what we are trying to do", he said.

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