Trudeau to start USA tour with talk at University of Chicago

Everything You Need to Know Justin Trudeau and 'Peoplekind'

Trudeau to start US tour with talk at University of Chicago

During his lunch-hour meeting with a roundtable of tech executives from companies like AirBNB, Eventbrite, Google, PayPal, and Pinterest, Trudeau said companies and governments must consider how technological disruption affects traditional jobs.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embarking on a four-day USA tour to discuss how public service can contribute to stronger economic and political ties between the two countries.

The location of the speech at Mr. Reagan's presidential library was a deliberately symbolic gesture for Mr. Trudeau, who is in the midst of tense efforts to renegotiate NAFTA even as U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the deal.

Uncertainty over Trump's immigration policies has provided momentum for Trudeau's economic pitch to Silicon Valley, where many companies that rely on foreign workers have become uneasy over increasing scrutiny on the H1-B work visa program. The IT industry in the U.S. has been propped up by using foreign workers to cover skills gaps. Silicon Valley still needs the staff and still can't find USA workers with the skills so moving to Canada makes sense.

The San Francisco, Calif. -based cloud computing and customer relations management company said it will increase its head count, real estate footprint and data centre capacity to support its growing customer base north of the border. In San Francisco, he's set to meet with local business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Everything You Need to Know Justin Trudeau and 'Peoplekind'

Several other United States technology companies are expanding into Canada. Alphabet's DeepMind unit in July announced plans to open a research office in Edmonton, and Amazon put Toronto on a short list of contenders for its $5 billion second headquarters.

Facebook Inc (FB.O) in September said it would expand its artificial intelligence research lab in Montreal, where Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) also plans to double the size of its research lab.

"You want the best minds wherever they are", said Mike McDerment, chief executive of FreshBooks, a Toronto firm that develops accounting software.

The prime minister thanked Brown "for the cap-and-trade system Ontario is part of and others and the fact that we have so much work to do together as friends and as a planet".

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