Images from military parade show rare glimpse of North Korean nuclear arsenal

What's at Stake for Trump at the Korean Olympics

Images from military parade show rare glimpse of North Korean nuclear arsenal

The Vice President is traveling to the Olympic Games in South Korea to reinforce the strong US presence on the Korean Peninsula and send a clear message of American resolve to the North Korean regime.

Kim is also dispatching his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, to attend the opening ceremony.

In 2000, her father, Kim Jong Il, held a summit meeting in North Korea with Kim Dae-jung, then South Korea's president, but did not keep his promise to visit for a second meeting. Moon has looked to the games as an opportunity to pursue a diplomatic opening with the North - a move Pence cautioned against.

"Not everyone gets to see it", said Kim Mi-sook, who came to the concert with her husband.

Some observers in South Korea have suggested the North has embedded security agents in its IOC-accredited delegation by giving them positions as officials or journalists.

He told The Washington Post that "when the Olympics are long a distant memory", the administration hoped "to continue to isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically".

"President Moon plans to hold a meeting and have lunch with the North Korean delegation on February 10", the spokesman told a press briefing.

"I think Vice President Pence actually has a very important, delicate mission in South Korea as the Olympics open, to show that we're sticking with South Korea and Japan", he said.

Moon has supported USA -led sanctions against the North, but he has repeatedly called for dialogue.

And Pence's personal guest at the games will be Fred Warmbier, the father of Otto Warmbier, an American who died previous year days after his release from captivity in North Korea.

Not only are Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and Vice President Mike Pence expected to show up, but also two senior North Korean officials: Mr. Kim's sister, Kim Yo-jong, the first immediate member of the North's ruling family ever to set foot in the South, and Kim Yong-nam, the country's nominal head of state.

With North Korea's decision to send a high-level delegation, the Winter Olympics have suddenly become an arena for high-profile diplomacy. Aides say the vice president is advancing a counter message, using the games as an opportunity for the South and the broader global community to exert what President Donald Trump has termed "maximum pressure" against the North.

Seoul had to waive sanctions in place since 2010 on North Korea over the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel to allow the ship to enter this time.

North Korea is under multiple sets of United Nations Security Council sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes, which have seen it develop rockets capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

"We must ensure that no invaders can infringe upon our dignity and independence", Kim said in a speech delivered from the podium overlooking the parade.

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