Alphabet rolls its Nest smart-home unit back into Google

Yoky Matsuoka Nest's chief technology officer shows off the company's updated product lineup at a press event in September

Alphabet rolls its Nest smart-home unit back into Google

The reason for Nest rejoining the Google family is to further strengthen Google's hardware portfolio.

Google's vision, however, of taking the lead in the smart home products market will point the company on a direct collision course with Apple and Amazon.

Google is bringing back Nest to the forefront of its campaign to make smart homes supported by hardware, software, and services built around artificial intelligence or AI.

Osterloh said in a statement that, "All of Google's investments in machine learning and AI; they can very clearly benefit Nest products". That said Google always had the nag to launch some interesting features and applications for its devices and allows its users more accessible to technology. It just makes sense to be developing them together. Google is trying grew its own advancements before anybody else does - particularly Amazon.

Google Assistant is a core part of Google's Pixel phones

In contrast to Nest's 11 millions devices sold figure, this past fall Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated that his company has sold "tens of millions" of Alexa-enabled products.

Nevertheless, Nest brings a ton of smart home experience to the table, such as smart thermostats, webcams (a product of its Dropcam acquisition), alarms and door bells. As a thermostat originally created to shave down a customer's bill and help the planet in the process, Nest has been reimagined as one cog in a larger smart home machine. Apple will release its HomePod speaker, with Siri as assistant, this week.

Google spokeswoman Lily Lin said "significant role reductions" are not expected at Nest because the businesses are not being combined 'to gain efficiencies.' Nest and Google also will stay at their separate offices 'for the foreseeable future, ' she said. Wednesday's announcement cites security, energy, cost-savings and hands-free assistance as some of the reasons to buy into the smart home ideal.

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