Narendra Modi attacks Karnataka govt over corruption, law and order

Prime Minister Narendhra Modi addressing a public rally in Bengaluru

Prime Minister Narendhra Modi addressing a public rally in Bengaluru

Addressing BJP's Parivartana Rally in Bengaluru, PM Modi assured that farmers will be given top priority by his government through the Operation Greens scheme announced in the Union Budget last week. He also alleged that the BJP-led government in Goa was acting like an "enemy country" while challenging Modi that if he wanted their votes, "he must speak for us". "More than 2,000 people were burnt alive", Siddaramaiah said, pointing out that it was BJP-ruled states that topped the list of crime-prone states. "Siddaramaiah being allowed to do so within the Congress is interesting", Dr Pani said.

Accusing the Congress government in the state of being "corrupt", the Prime Minister said the party was opposing the path of development that the Bharatiya Janata Party was aiming at for the nation.

Asserting that there was a "saffron wave" in the state, Modi said people of Karnataka had decided to make the state Congress free and to get rid of Congress culture. Once we comes to power in the state, the implementation of developmental projects will start at faster mode, in co ordination with the Centre. "While the vision of Centre is to make the country easy to do business in, the Congress has made Karnataka popular for "ease of doing murders".

He also said that the people were waiting for the PM to address on the Mahadayi row but there was no mention of it.

Never in the recent history of Karnataka, has the Congress depended so much on its CM to retain power at any cost.

Pro-Kannada organisations called off the bandh in Bengaluru on Sunday, which was meant to coincide with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's election rally in the city, after the Karnataka High Court on Friday termed it "unconstitutional".

Taking the war with acronyms which is now happening between two parties to the next level, Congress described the NDA government as "Not Doing Anything!" "Developers and sand dealers are ruling the roost".

"I am confident that Karnataka's success makes India proud", he said.

Several Hindu activists were murdered in the state which was a threat to democracy, the Prime Minister said. "He teaches us to work honestly and live for others", he said referring to the fact that Dravid, who hails from Bengaluru, was instrumental in the victory.

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