Gunman arrested after 'racially motivated' shooting in Italian town of Macerata

Terrorist opens fire on foreigners in Italian town of Macerata 6 wounded

BREAKING NEWS: Four people are injured as gunman opens fire from a car in Italy

Local media reported that at least six migrants including one woman were shot by a man driving around the city, located about 200km east of Rome, and firing from his vehicle window.

A gunman has been arrested by Italian police two hours after a shooting rampage out of a auto while driving around the town of Macerata, injuring six people.

Police arrest man wearing Italian flag around his neck after he is believed have open fired on African migrants.

Italy's Interior Minister Marco Minniti said Traini had acted alone on Saturday but planned the attack in advance.

Italian nationalist Luca Traini was arrested by police in connection with the shooting. He has finally arrested only Luca Traini, a 28-year-old man from Le Marche and a North League candidate in last administrative elections, and is looking for an alleged accomplice from helicopter. Five men and one woman, all black, were wounded.

The shooting may have been a response to the killing of a teenager, 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro, who was eventually found cut up and placed in two suitcases, an incident that occurred days before, according to police.

Police said the shooter drove around Macerata, which is famed for its outdoor opera festivals, in a black Alfa Romeo auto firing out of his window at migrants in various locations.

Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni condemned the shooting spree, saying, "hatred and violence will not succeed in dividing us".

Italian news reports said the man did a fascist salute as he was arrested, but no salute was visible in the video. He confirmed all of the victims were foreigners and black. Police also tweeted a picture of the arrest. People injured. Police operation underway.

Witnesses said they had earlier seen Oseghale with the suitcases in which the body was found.

Civilians were advised by Macerata mayor's office to remain inside their homes until the situation cools down. Four of the injured are reportedly in a critical condition.

As the violent attack unfolded in Macerata in Italy's central Marche region, police told residents to stay inside and ordered a halt to public transport to limit the casualties.

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