Cheshire doctors urge 'time to talk' on mental health awareness day

Let's talk about mental health

Oakville Chamber of Commerce hosts Bell Let's Talk breakfast

"It was the day after his birthday".

Claudie said: "I was diagnosed with postnatal depression when my daughter was five weeks old".

When we label ourselves, and those around us, by using mental disorders as adjectives, we are doing great harm to those who actually live with these disorders. Peer support involves First Responders trained in the delivery of mental health intervention, who provide support to their peers towards the promotion of mental health, resiliency and posttraumatic growth.

"A lot of people who are very close to me have been affected by mental illness".

"Mental health really impacts all of us", said Chelsea Corsi, wellness coordinator at TRU. "I didn't want to get up in the night with her because I would just cry".

Stuart, also a senior consultant to the Mental Health Commission of Canada's Opening Minds Anti-stigma initiative and the past chair of the World Psychiatric Association's Stigma and Mental Health Scientific Section, advises the Bell Let's Talk campaign on what research is showing about mental health, how the public views it and the campaign, and comments on best practices and changes to the campaign. That's certainly a place for all of us to start in helping demolish the stigma, promote awareness and just get those we care about who may be dealing with mental health issue on the road to recovery.

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Sarah believes hitting rock bottom that day was "a good thing", because she had been crying out for help and not getting it. I think that's what started hers.

"There's two types of bipolar", Sarah explained.

"Whether that's talking to somebody, whether it's going out and connecting with nature, or reading a book, whatever it is that makes you feel at peace".

"Thankfully, I have bipolar II, which is hypomania, so it's not so (many) extreme highs". She managed to go off her medications for three years while she did missions work, post-graduation. It was a frightening time as I didn't understand what was happening to me: I felt alone, weak, and found it hard to admit to myself or anyone else that I felt completely overwhelmed and wasn't coping.

But not long after Sarah moved west to Langley to attend university, those familiar feelings of fatigue and hopelessness reoccurred. "I was in eighth grade when I wrote it, but it's been revamped ever since", he said.

"That was really a big blow for me because I thought I was fine - been there, done that, bought the T-shirt and I was out of it".

Cllr Paul Cummins, Sefton Council's Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Mental Health Champion for Sefton Council, said: "As the mental health champion for elected members, I am pleased to be backing this project". I know from my own experience that sharing our stories and making the time to listen to others has the power to change lives.

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