Palestinian president coming to United Nations to answer Trump

Gazans decry Hamas leader's inclusion on US terror list

US decision to put Hamas chief on terror list could undermine peace efforts: Turkey

Arab foreign ministers met last month, he said, and "there is an Arab movement to push forward the peace process" and "to oppose the Israeli violations, especially those pertaining to Jerusalem and the settlements". "After disseminating antisemitic messages in recent speeches, Mahmoud Abbas is now seeking to put an end to any possibility of negotiations with Israel", Danon said.

Danon's comments come after the Palestinian leader announced Thursday that he would seek an audience with the Security Council on February 20, during the United Nations body's monthly meeting on the situation in the Middle East, amid strained relations with the USA administration.

If the Security Council agrees to recommend the entity as a "state" for full membership to the General Assembly, the United Nations must still approve it with a two-thirds majority.

The US decision adds to Palestinian anger at Washington following its decision in December to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital despite the final status of the city being one of the key points to be decided in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

During his term as president, Carter helped broker the landmark Camp David peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1979, and he has been a vocal supporter of a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

In his speech during an Arab League Council meeting at the level of foreign ministers, he stated that the USA decision to reduce its contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) will also pose a threat to the refugee issue.

He also announced that the council will hold an informal meeting February 22 on the Palestinians where former US president Jimmy Carter, former United Nations humanitarian chief Jan Egeland and former UNRWA chief Karen AbuZayd.

This in order to adopt the peace process, the State of Palestine's efforts to gain full membership in the United Nations and join global organizations and conventions in order to strengthen its legal and worldwide status.

"If President Abbas demonstrates he can be that type of leader, we would welcome it". History has provided such leaders in the past.

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