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Monster Hunter: World Patch Fixes

New Monster Hunter: World update irons out Xbox One matchmaking issues

The game sold more than 1 million copies in Japan during launch weekend and shipped another four million to retail locations around the globe.

According to the patch notes for update - which is available now - Capcom has "fixed all matchmaking functionality issues for Xbox One players", which includes "Matchmake", "Filter Search", "Squad Sessions Session" and "Respond to SOS". A relief since this is one of the earlier quests in the game. You can find out how to get your hands on that gift right here. But what happens if you're brand new to the franchise and aren't sure of what to do when you first step into the game? Capcom's first full-fledged Monster Hunter on the latest generation of consoles (with PC to follow later this year) is among one of the strongest sequels to any RPG I've ever played.

For this reason, the company wants to celebrate with the entire hunter community.

If you're looking for a way to see, at a glance, what the monster you're fighting in Monster Hunter World is weak against, this cheat sheet will do just that.

Considering that the game focuses on multiplayer, and the Monster Hunter series tends to have a relatively long tail, Media Create also expects sales to continue growing in the long-term. So if you despise your hairstyle, color of your facial hair, or made a mistake with makeup on your female hunter, all of that can be changed.

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