Elon Musk's Flamethrower Is Real And It's Going For $600

Heisenberg Media  Flickr

Heisenberg Media Flickr

Musk hinted in a tweet past year that his new Boring Company would begin developing a flamethrower once he sold enough hats to get the fledgling hole digging company off the ground, or in the ground: "Hats sold out, flamethrowers soon!"

Musk's Boring Company is now selling the "world's safest" flamethrower that you can pre-order for $500. The Boring Company's mission is to excavate a low-priced but fast-digging tunnel through Los Angeles to help alleviate its notorious vehicle traffic.

His Boring Company - yes, that's the one that digs tunnels - has released a flamethrower for some reason that probably has more to do with branding than a pivot to manufacturing more kinds of destructive devices than just enormous drills. The device is priced at a pretty reasonable $500 a piece, though The Boring Co. also sells an admittedly overpriced fire extinguisher for an additional $30. In the movie, there's a scene about the importance of merchandising, and a flamethrower is mentioned.

"When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll be glad you bought a flamethrower". No dates about the release of the Freezegun have been provided.

When they got in, users discovered what appeared to be a pre-order page for an actual Boring Company flamethrower.

With over 4,000 flamethrowers sold, that equates to approximately $2.4 million raised.

Mark this down as one of the promises Elon delivers on, apparently, because it looks like the Boring Company flamethrower is here. Considering Musk's previous statements about building the Boring Company one hat at a time, it seems like the flamethrowers are proving to be a great way to augment the tunneling startup's funds even more. He turns on the device and runs with the flame at the camera, laughing.

A little over six months later, Musk's whinge about commuting became a multi-million-dollar business well on its way to delivering a fully-working prototype. Freezegun becomes a reality.

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