United States court strikes down 300 percent tariff on Canadian jets

Bombardier ruling due Friday amid spate of US protectionism

Ruling Due In Boeing Trade Spat; Trump At Davos: Investing Action Plan

Bombardier spokesman Simon Letendre said the company and Airbus will proceed with the construction of the second assembly line for the US market.

A U.S. International Trade Commission panel has struck down 300 percent tariffs against narrow-body Canadian jetliners, siding with Montreal-based jet-maker Bombardier in a contentious trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada.

"We are extremely proud of our employees, investors and suppliers who have worked together to bring this remarkable aircraft to the market."
Susan Fitzgerald, Unite regional officer for the union's membership at Bombardier in NI said that the decision "showed what could be achieved when workers stood together, organised and mobilised to defend their interests".

Boeing said it disagreed with Friday's trade ruling and would review it when further details became available.

The CSeries is an all-new, small single-aisle jet family with a five-abreast passenger cabin that's offered in two models: the CS100, seating 100 to 135 passengers, and the larger CS300, seating up to 160 passengers.

Shares of Boeing closed up 2.5% at 343.11 on the stock market today. There can be no backsliding from the United States government on this decision.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said it was "good news" for UK industry.

Boeing had complained of an unleveled playing field since Bombardier is subsidized by the Canadian government.

The tariffs required approval by the ITC, which determined the sale of the aircraft did not injure the USA company.

The decision reverses the determination made by the U.S. Department of Commerce that Bombardier should pay tariffs of almost 300% on sales of its 100- to 150-seat CS 100 and CS 300 jets.

Politicians and unions in the United Kingdom have reacted with surprise and relief after the Canadian aerospace firm Bombardier won a major trade case in the US. Members of the trade panel didn't explain their votes but will do so in a report to be made public by March 2.

In a keynote address, the president is expected continue expressing grievances over how the USA has been treated unfairly in foreign trade, while also asking for more foreign investment, citing recent tax cuts and deregulation efforts.

The ITC's role is to determine whether the aircraft manufacture industry in the U.S. is damaged by imports that the administration believes are being sold too cheaply.

In a statement, Bombardier said the ITC's decision was a "victory for innovation, competition, and the rule of law".

The dispute over imported jets stems from a $5 billion deal struck between Bombardier and Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines in 2016 for 75 C Series commercial airplanes. It tried to compete for the contract by offering Embraer jets it had acquired in a separate deal.

But the case, centred on a complaint by aerospace rival Boeing, was dismissed.

Still, he said, workers will be holding their breath as they wait to see if Boeing appeals the decision.

Boeing officials have said they tried to resolve their concerns diplomatically before Trump took office, to little success. "Boeing would be wise to move on, and fix the damage that was self-inflicted, " said Richard Aboulafia at the Teal Group.

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