USA Gymnastics board members agree to resign en masse

LANSING MI- JANUARY 17 Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon answers a question after being confronted by former MSU gymnast Lidsey Lemke during a break in the sentencing hearing for Larry Nassar who has been accused of molesting mor

Scott Olson Getty Images Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon

"First of all the idea that they're going to help athletes after what they allowed to happen on their watch, I don't know how they look themselves in the mirror with that letter out", said John Manly, an attorney for several of the Nassar survivors. "We still have to hold these organizations accountable".

The senior sports official at Michigan State University, where Nassar previously worked, retired on Friday. "They took his side over us for so long", Raisman said on ABC's "The View" Friday morning.

After Nassar was sentenced on Wednesday to 40 to 175 years in prison for multiple sex crimes, attention turned to Michigan State's handling of allegations that Nassar had abused athletes, some of which were MSU students.

Blackmun said a "categorically fresh start at the board level" was required at USA Gymnastics and that an interim board should be put in place by February 28. "During the last seven days, more than 150 courageous women have shared their deeply personal experiences and how Larry Nassar's despicable crimes impacted their lives", Perry wrote.

Dancer Olivia Venuto, who said Nassar abused her from 2006, when she was 12, until 2013, said her parents did not believe her at first and sent Nassar messages of support after a 2016 Indianapolis Star investigation revealed the abuse.

USA Gymnastics has confirmed that its entire board of directors will resign as requested by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

"We're not done yet".

"She came into practice one day and said I have this card that we got for Larry", Lemke said.

"I regret trusting them", she said. Incredibly, Nassar had the gall to complain about having to listen to them.

The USOC, which oversees Olympic governing bodies, threatened to decertify USA Gymnastics, stripping the organization's association with the Olympics, if it did not comply. "Had she ever received any information to cast doubt on the appropriateness of that trust in Dr. Nassar, she would have reacted immediately to protect her gymnasts". USA Gymnastics bylaws say the board shall consist of 21 directors.

Maggie Nichols has filed a lawsuit against USA Gymnastics, the U.S. Olympic Committee and Michigan State University, where Nassar served as team physician. "We must take further action to ensure that it can not happen again".

"It was necessary, absolutely and it's sad that it took someone demanding that they resign for them to actually realize that it's necessary", said Jeanette Antolin, a former US national team member and a Nassar survivor. "The alternative was just too horrific, to think that I had let this happen to my child when I was sitting right there".

Hutchins, who spoke as the sentencing phase of the assault case entered a sixth day, brought some of the trinkets that Nassar had given her from the 1996 Olympics and recalled how she helped clear his basement after damage from a flood.

"Frankly I think the big question here is why law enforcement in Texas and in aren't actively investigating USAG's former board members and officers for child endangerment", Manly said.

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