Nintendo eShop adds Celeste on Switch, Pokémon Crystal on 3DS

Fortnite Bugs Plague Game After Update Players Suffering Reloading & ADS Issues

Fortnite Bugs Plague Game After Update Players Suffering Reloading & ADS Issues

Of course, it's going to take more than one year to deem the Switch a success, which is why the new survey from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) is so promising. Last year, developers that were working on a Nintendo Switch title were at a 3% level while this year that number has reached 12%, which is a huge rise considering the Switch is a hybrid console.

As for developers' perception of how the public feels about Nintendo's new hardware, almost half of those asked said that they believed Switch is resonating well with the public, with a further 39 per cent saying "maybe". Just 16 per cent said that sales of their games on Switch have been less than on other platforms.

For those that have already released games on the portable home console, when asked how they had sold 28 percent of respondents have said that their games have sold better than average on Switch, whereas 23 percent stated that their sales on Switch have been average.

Only 1 percent of respondents are now developing games for Nintendo 3DS, and, somewhat interestingly, another percent are working on games for Wii U.

Meanwhile, things look less rosy for virtual reality. Another said "VR adoption and uptake depends on finding that killer game that becomes a must have", suggesting that the headset-based hardware needs a game comparable to Halo or Minecraft to help it achieve mainstream adoption. Despite recent controversies in games like Star Wars Battlefront II, one in 10 developers show support for loot boxes.

Developers are even more bullish on the Switch.

But it could also be news that more Nintendo Switch games projects are in development for 2018 by quite a margin. Specifically, loot boxes have unsurprisingly fallen out of favour, languishing at the bottom of the business model table with only 11 per cent of developers planning to use them in their next games.

Which platform (s) are you currently/anticipating developing games for?

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