Kentucky mourns shooting victims

A look at some deadly US school shootings of years past

Student charged with murder in Kentucky high school shooting

Bailey Nicole Holt was one of two 15-year-old students at Marshall County High School killed in the Tuesday morning shooting. Another four had various injuries.

The Kentucky school shooting was at least the 11th school shooting incident of the year so far. Kentucky State Police have no reason to suspect anyone else, detective Jody Cash told the Murray Ledger & Times. Marshall County prosecutor Jeffrey Edwards said the shooting appeared to be random without targeting individual victims, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported. Six of the teens are female and 14 are male.

During a press conference Tuesday, Dr. Rick Miller, director of Vanderbilt's trauma center, explained that trauma doctors "have to cut our emotions off when we are trying to save somebody's life", adding that, "When everything is said and done, and all the patients are doing OK, then we sit back and that's when it's tough on us". "I'm very proud of them".

"The day to day operation of school is about academics and so we want them to get that without being anxious about being over their shoulder and looking all the time", said Adams. She never said a bad word about anyone. "Everyone in cars started turning around and driving away". Many jumped into cars or ran down the highway, some not stopping until they reached a McDonald's restaurant more than a mile away.

Droke said she contacted her mother on FaceTime. She frantically tried to call her daughter's phone to see if she was OK.

"Never would have thought this would happen here", Kornbacher said.

He kept shooting until he ran out of ammunition, she said.

His mother, Andrea, rushed to the hospital, bewildered as to why this happened.

"I heard five more, and it was, like, unmistakable", Spraggs said. "And that's not because I'm his mom. Because he got shot in the arm, and I heard that his arm might be amputated, which there's a 90% chance he's going to keep his arm now, which I'm grateful for", Story said. She lauded the heroics of a fellow student and a teacher, who quickly scooped up Daniel after the gunfire stopped, rushed him to a vehicle and drove him to a hospital. They say there's still a lot of work to be done and many to be interviewed. The carnage was especially hard on first responders. The trooper's daughter had been dropped off at the school that morning, and she and the victim were wearing similar clothing, Sanders said.

Bevin posted a tweet saying that the families whose children were victims "will get through this but it's going to come at a cost and there will be scars". Two of the wounded were shot in the head. Two others remain at Vanderbilt, both in stable condition. "Just terrified for their kids", Garland said. "Luckily, we're trained and prepared".

It was two years before the fatal attack at Columbine High School in Colorado, before mass school shootings became all too common, and it left scars across the state. "We owe it to our kids to pull together".

"Several acts of heroism", Lovett said.

Authorities declined to discuss possible motives for the shooting.

Bevin said earlier in a statement, "This is a tremendous tragedy and speaks to the heartbreak present in our communities".

Mrs Holt said that Bailey would have been a friend to the unidentified shooter if he needed one.

Kentucky State Police said 20 people were affected by the shooting, 15 of whom suffered gunshot wounds. He played once in the Marshall County Hoopfest and then previous year played in the Kentucky Lake Classic. She also told KFVS that the "horrific act of violence" is "just unbearable" for her family.

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