Burger King helps us understand net neutrality with Whopper video

Burger King  YouTube

Burger King YouTube

In the ad, Burger King uses its signature sandwich, the Whopper, to show how people could get their sandwiches more quickly by paying more.

"Burger King believes they can sell more and make more money selling chicken sandwiches or chicken fries, so now they're slowing down the access to the Whopper", the clerk said in the video.

Net neutrality remains a hot-button issue as new rules passed last month by the Republican-led Federal Communications Commission are set to go into effect in the coming weeks, replacing stricter net neutrality rules that were repealed.

"The repeal of Net Neutrality is a hot topic in America, but it can be very hard to understand".

Burger King released a new video that strives to explain how net neutrality works in layman's terms.

"The Burger King brand believes the Internet should be like the Whopper sandwich: the same for everyone". "A spokeswoman declined to say Wednesday if it would launch or join one later". Customers were informed that their orders would be made at a slower "Mbps" (making burgers per second) unless they paid more.

Burger King's video ends with a link to an online petition to the FCC that allows people to pledge support for an open internet.

Burger King's latest attempt to take on a complicated policy issue outside of its own industry reeks of desperation nearly as badly as its Cheetos chicken fries. "It's stupid, but true", another said. After asking several random strangers on the street what net neutrality was (and not getting very clear or informed responses), the fast food giant takes us into a location converted for a social experiment of sorts.

While the FCC's attack on net neutrality may be one of the least popular tech policy decisions in the history of the internet (even topping SOPA), it's particularly unpopular among Millennials-the restaurant's primary marketing target.

Net neutrality is now in hospice care-not quite dead, but the future is grim.

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