Apple's iOS 11.3 update gives you control over iPhone slowdown

A dragon character is among the new Animoji

A dragon character is among the new Animoji

iPhone and iPad users can expect a richer experience with their devices thanks to the new iOS 11.3's augmented reality and Animoji features.

Rolled out with iOS 10.2.1, that feature automatically and dynamically slows down processor performance to smooth out peak power demands in devices with older batteries. This feature is available for iPhone 6 and later models and can be found in battery section in the Settings menu.

Apple said it today introduced a significant update to the Health app with the iOS 11.3 beta, debuting a feature for customers to see their medical records right on their iPhone.

The iOS 11.3 update also comes with four new Animoji: a dragon, bear, skull, and lion - all of which should make for even more entertaining Animoji karaoke videos.

If you have an Apple developer account, the iOS 11.3 preview is available today, and the free public beta preview will follow.

Apple has announced a preview of the iOS 11.3 update, which will be rolling out starting this Spring. With iOS 11 only the iPhone 5s is retained and it will continue to be supported in iOS 11.3 as well.

More Animojis will be available on the new version of iOS but these will only be open to iPhone X users. All the data provided through the tool will be encrypted and passcode-protected, Apple said.

Another updated that iOS 11.3 will bring is in the Health app that will integrate health record from hospitals and clinics.

A new Business Chat feature inside the Messages app is supposed to make it easier for you to communicate directly with service representatives at certain companies, whether you're or scheduling appointments or making purchases via Apple Pay.

iCloud Messages isn't exactly a new feature. The company will introduce a feature that shows the health of a phone's battery, and recommends if it needs to be serviced. This will launch in U.S. with support of select businesses like Discover, Hilton, Lowe's and Wells Fargo. The experience will also be clearer, as the real-world view now has 50 percent sharper resolution.

There will also be improvements to the Apple Music app, which will now feature music videos as well, and added security for HomeKit smart home gadgets. Interestingly, Apple assures that the Business Chat doesn't share user information with the businesses and the users can stop chatting whenever they want, at any time.

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