Gas Prices Rising - Get Used to It, AAA Says

Gas prices still inching up in northern New England

Gasoline prices continue to rise

In the last week, 41 states have seen gas prices go up during a time of the year when they normally do down.

"It certainly has been an unusual January for gas prices", said Tammy Arnette, senior public affairs specialist for AAA.

So far this year, Tennessee gas prices climbed an average of 9 cents. The price in ME went up 1.9 cents to an average of $2.56 a gallon. However, this story so far this year has been a rally in oil prices.

By market, the West Coast in the United States continues to be the most expensive in the country, with California taking the top mark with $3.19 per gallon, though that's skewed slight by a new fuels tax that went into effect previous year.

Simple: The dent in your wallet at the gas station reflects the general rising price of oil.

The national average was unchanged the last week at $2.53 a gallon.

Oil prices dipped after EIA's latest petroleum revealed domestic crude production in the US continues to grow. Compared with this time past year, however, those same states are paying 30 cents or more for a gallon of gas and are at the top of the list for yearly increases.

According to AAA, the first three weeks of every year since 2014, gas prices have gone down.

He said last week that there may be some relief in sight for gas prices as a while as refineries start making a summer blend of gasoline and sell off their winter stocks at a bargain, but that relief might last only through the middle of February.

Looking forward, the EIA expects domestic production will reach 10.8 million b/d in 2019 and surpass 11 million b/d in November 2019.

At the close of Friday's formal trading session on the New York Mercantile Exchange, West Texas Intermediate crude oil dropped 58 cents to settle at $63.37 - nearly a dollar less than the week before.

Saudi Arabia has produced as much as 10.5 million barrels per day, but that rate has dropped below 10 million, due to the recent OPEC production cut agreement.

AAA found gas selling for as low as $2.37 per gallon and as high as $2.79 per gallon in MA.

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