Android 8.1 Now Shows Available WiFi Network Speed

Android 8.1 Oreo Starts Displaying Public Wi Fi Network Speeds Before Connecting

Android 8.1 Will Show the Connection Speed of Public Wi-Fi Networks

Those who are interested in installing this app will require a phone running on Android Go, more specific Android 8.1 This means a Pixel or Nexus device with very low RAM amounts. And now after a month or so, HMD Global's Chief Product Officer tweeted that Nokia 8 users can now apply for Android 8.1 beta update. The rating isn't conveyed in sheer megabits per second, but rather classified into one of four groups: Very Fast, Fast, OK, or Slow.

Is this a feature you might use when thinking about connecting to public Wi-Fi?

Users will find Wi-Fi connections labeled with either a Slow, OK, Fast or Very Fast after the launch. On the user end, you can also disable the feature in the Settings app under Network & Internet.

OK: Enables reading web pages, using social media, and streaming music. So if you know the ranges for each of the readouts, from slow to very fast, you will get an idea of that network hotspot connection speed.

"Signal strength shows on the Wi-Fi icon". This will be useful when scanning through available public wireless connections and should provide a clear preview if a network is even worth connecting to.

Google first mentioned WiFi Speed Labels as they were announcing the rollout of Android 8.1 stable in early December.

Like most other Android open features, you have the option to deactivate the feature under the Wi-Fi settings menu.

Google says the new Android 8.1 Wi-Fi feature is rolling out now. The emoji fix was one of the changes introduced in Android 8.1 release.

Speed Labels is coming via an update to those handsets now using Android 8.1. In case the speed level is between 1Mbps and 5Mbps the Wi-Fi connection speed will show as "OK", on the other hand, speed level between 0 to 1Mbps will fall under the "Slow" connection category.

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