Woman flies from America to London without ticket, passport

Chicago Police Department shows 64-year-old Marilyn Hartman. Hartman who has a history of sneaking aboard airplanes was arrested again Wednesday at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. She is charge

Marilyn Hartman

In 2014, she was caught twice; once trying to fly to Hawaii, and once successfully making it to Los Angeles. She was jailed in Chicago that same year for trying to bypass security at the city's two major airports.

She apparently tries to blend in with large groups to get past airport security, according to previous reports.

Less than two weeks after Marilyn Hartman was granted freedom to transfer out of a high-security locked psychiatric facility, the so-called "serial stowaway" was ordered held on $200,000 bond following another airport arrest.NBC 5's Marion Brooks reports.

A woman described as a serial stowaway has been arrested after allegedly flying to London without a ticket.

There's no more feeling sorry for you.

She then boarded a flight to the United Kingdom and was detained by British Customs Officials at Heathrow International Airport in London on January 15, police said. She was then sent back to O'Hare and arrested by U.S. law enforcement officials.

Hartman is charged with felony theft and a misdemeanor count of criminal trespassing.

The Transportation Security Administration is investigating how she managed to sneak past security. "During the initial investigation it was determined that the passenger was screened at the security checkpoint before boarding a flight".

The Chicago Department of Aviation released a statement, advising that no passengers had been put at risk by the episode.

Several media outlets, including The Washington Post, have documented Hartman's misadventures and often referred to her with a nickname. She managed to evade the gate attendant by "blending in with the passengers", Chicago police told the Chicago Sun-Times.

But her freakish and headline-grabbing behavior has confounded authorities.

A year later, Hartman was back in Raines's courtroom.

Hartman has long struggled with homelessness and mental health and has had encounters with authorities at airports across the United States. "I think you're addicted to the attention". Her movements were caught on video.

In 2015, San Francisco Magazine tried to do so.

According to CBS, Hartman has said that she likes being at airports because they make her feel safe.

In 2016, she was sentenced to two years of probation and six months at a mental health facility.

She appeared before a judge Saturday afternoon, after which she was released under her own recognizance.

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