Canadian man tricks cops with vehicle made of snow

Montrealer makes fake car out of snow to confuse police

Car made out of snow fools police officers

Laprise sculpted the Delorean to look like a life-size version of Marty McFly's ride had been parked throughout a snow storm for days.

A Canadian prankster made a auto out of snow so real it fooled the local police who thought it was an illegally parked vehicle.

But after investigation the officer found he had been duped by Laprise's design.

"I did the auto to have fun expressing my creativity on that lovely day".

The police came to the "vehicle" because it appeared to be parked in a snow removal zone, only to find that the auto was a giant snow sculpture.

Laprise, a machinist and designer by trade, admitted he wasn't trying to wind up the police but wanted to confuse snow removal crews instead. The auto is a remarkable rendition of a Delorean DMC-12 or some other sleek sports coupe, complete with what appears to be a real windshield wiper under which a parking ticket would normally go.

A Canadian artist decided to make light of a cold situation in the country when he played a trick on snow removers and received the attention of police.

The ticket, left under a branch meant to be a wiper blade, read "Vous avez fait notre soiree!" which translates to "You made our night!"

After a while, police showed up looking to tow the vehicle away.

"I did the vehicle to have fun expressing my creativity on that attractive day", Laprise told Buzzfeed Canada. "It's fun, it's free and [the snow] keeps its form".

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