Israeli forces kill suspect in rabbi's murder in West Bank raid

Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli forces in West Bank

For 5th time, Israel extends jailed teen's detention

Appearing in court on Wednesday, Ms Tamimi, whose father is a prominent Palestinian activist, appeared defiant, smiling and waving at her father who sat at the back of the courtroom, as he was forbidden to get close to his daughter.

Ahed Tamimi is brought to a courtroom inside the Ofer military prison near Jerusalem.

Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces are continuing after US President Donald Trump last month recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The young girl has achieved global notoriety and has become the focus of a heated propaganda war between Israel and Palestinians protesting the occupation of the West Bank. She has been charged with assault, a charge that could result in a sentence of up to 10 years. If convicted, she could face a very lengthy jail sentence.

The number of Palestinians languishing in Israeli custody now stands at some 6,500, according to Palestinian figures.

Human rights advocates, however, argue that Tamimi was only defending her cousin, who had his head shattered when an Israeli soldier shot him, and could not have posed a serious threat to an armed soldier.

Tamimi was arrested in a pre-dawn raid conducted by IDF soldiers at her family home near Ramallah on December 19, and has remained in custody since that time.

The broadcaster said other members of the same cell were arrested.

The Tamimi case has also trained a spotlight on Israel's detention of hundreds of Palestinian minors.

Ms Tamimi's next court hearing is set for January 31, the day she turns 17.

When asked about the future, Bassam Tamimi told DW: "If anyone guaranteed me that the occupation would be gone in one, two, three or even five years, I would rather teach my daughter ballet".

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