Is Your Portrait Stored in Any of World's Top Museums? Ask Google

'Face match' makes Google Arts & Culture most downloaded free app on US App Store

Google App Finds Your Fine Art Lookalike: How to Use It

The app is also compatible with virtual reality headsets. You may be wondering how to use it - I'm here to help with that. Once it's installed, fire it up and scroll down until you see "Is your portrait in a museum?".

An update to Google's Arts & Culture app now matches people's selfies with a museum art portrait that features their doppelganger. The new selfie feature uses Google's face-matching technology to match your photo to "similar" looking portraits from a database of over 70,000 works. However, do not open the app immediately after downloading.

Once you snap your selfie, the feature will give you a range of matches ranked by how close they are to your likeness-mine hovered somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. Though the feature is officially restricted to U.S. only for now, that hasn't stopped people from other countries for accessing the Google Arts & Culture app's latest feature and posting their own "selfie doppelganger".

Google's machine learning-powered image recognition tech is pretty powerful, and now it can be put to use to find your likeness within works of fine art. Tap "get started", and you'll be guided through the process. Boom. You've got portraits. She took a look at Elise's results and said at first glance, they didn't seem impressive. Me too. Couldn't find the face matching thing?

This is thanks to the new feature that Google added to it, which basically allowed users to take selfies of themselves and then compare.

You can tell the app is analyzing your face because of the various colored lines animating all over the screen, and because it's gone black and white. "Take a selfie and search thousands of artworks to see if any look like you", Google's inviting comment reads.

Are you a Vincent van Gogh?

If you live somewhere that doesn't have access to the feature just yet, a good way to stay aware of when it's coming your way is by following the Google Arts & Culture account on Twitter.

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