False missile alert had potential to be 'totally catastrophic,' Hirono says

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Durbin grills DHS Secretary about Trump vulgarity regarding African nations

President Trump has denied using the term, though he did admit he used "tough language" in the meeting.

Left to its own devices, the State Department came up with its own talking points to be used by USA missions in Africa working to stem the damage, said a US official, who wasn't authorized to disclose internal deliberations and demanded anonymity. "If you are a DACA that's compliant with your registration - meaning you haven't committed a crime and you in fact are registered - you are not a priority of enforcement for ICE should the program end".

Speaking of Hawaii officials, Trump said "I love that they took responsibility". The talks also overshadow larger spending negotiations ahead of a possible federal government shutdown this week.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen says the agency will be working with states to follow proper protocols when issuing safety alerts and can quickly retract incorrect alerts like Hawaii's warning of a ballistic missile over the weekend.

Nielsen, who was in the room during the meeting, said she just can't seem to remember it happening.

The report, produced at the direction of Trump, found that approximately three out of every four individuals convicted of terrorism-related charges between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2016 are foreign-born individuals who entered the USA through its immigration system.

Ige said Hara will lead an effort to better educate and prepare the public, stressing that children seeking shelter in manholes, stores closing their doors and panicked residents driving erratically can not happen again.

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The Trump administration released a study Tuesday claiming that most people convicted in USA courts of crimes related to worldwide terrorism are foreign-born, a move that amplifies the president's efforts to invoke national security concerns to justify tighter immigration policies. "Your silence and your amnesia are complicity", Booker told her.

"The president is insisting on something that is physically, legally impossible as a condition", said Durbin.

Booker, appearing to be outraged shouted, "I hurt!"

"I do remember him saying that he was concerned that given the appropriations cycle that any deal that we made now would be limited to this year's appropriation. Durbin blew DACA and is hurting our Military", Trump added. Some have accused the president of racism.

"This is very personal to me", said Booker, who is black.

The drill sowed panic and confusion but also showed that emergency management officials need to step up outreach efforts about what to do in case of a real missile threat, Miyagi said. "I'll just say, what Senator Durbin has portrayed is a misportrayal", the Arkansas senator told Little Rock radio station KARN on Tuesday. "I'm focused on that full time".

Durbin says he wants Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to let the Senate debate the immigration measure this week as lawmakers try figuring out by Friday how to avoid a government shutdown.

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