Kenya Airways to launch first United States services in October 2018

Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8

Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 Rob Finlayson

KQ Chief Executive Officer, Sebastian Mikosz also noted that the launch of direct flights will create indirect employment opportunities through its suppliers.

"Kenya Airways starts ticket sales for its non-stop daily flight to NY", the airline tweeted.

Kenya Airways flight will be the fastest connection from East Africa to NY, with 15 hours duration eastbound and 14 hours westbound and will be operated by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The flight will connect Nairobi, Kenya's capital city and one of Africa's busiest and business-heavy cities, to one of the world's premier business hubs, New York City, which has not been possible until recently.

The national carrier also said the new flight route to the United States will boost the country's economy as it would see tourism and trade rise between the two countries.

Kenya Airways will become the first airline to offer a nonstop flight between East Africa and the United States of America. It will depart Jomo Kenyatta airport at 23:25, arriving at JFK airport at 06:25 the following morning, with return flights departing NY at 12:25 and landing in Nairobi at 10:55 the next day.

The flight duration will be 15 hours east bound and 14 hours west bound and the airline hopes to capitalise on multi-national traffic. It will land in NY the next day at 6.30 AM.

"The ultra-long-haul flight, unique to Kenya Airways network, will require 4 Pilots and 12 Flight attendants as well as 85 tons of fuel each way, making it an exceptional operation".

Tickets for the flight can be purchased on the national carrier's website and through agents. Similarly, European carriers including British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM and many more provide flights that connect through airports in their home countries. Though the flight will take upwards of 15 hours, in some cases, it will afford passengers much more time at their origin and/or destination.

"This is a symbol of a comeback by Kenya Airways". With the route not due to begin until October, there is plenty of time to see how people, and even airlines, respond.

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