Taylor Swift shows off her jet-set life in new music video

Taylor Swift Teases 'End Game' Music Video - Watch the Preview!

WATCH: Taylor Swift, Future, and Ed Sheeran are living the life in 'End Game' video

The leader of the Swifties dropped her latest music video for her single "End Game", featuring Ed Sheeran and rapper Future.

The video for "End Game", which debuted on the pop star's YouTube channel Friday, takes Swift across the globe-from Miami to London, to Tokyo-trying to seduce us with sports metaphors.

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End Game is one of the highlights from the singer's chart-topping 2017 LP, Reputation.

Are you excited for Taylor Swift's new "End Game" video?

Swift is lastly seen in London with Sheeran during a party.

Taylor Swift has been dominating the world with her music since the release of Red in 2012. However, when preparing for her Reputation-era "rebrand", Taylor thoroughly reclaimed the snake, and her fans began to post it on Kim's social channel. "Blank Space" showed her going insane over a man who has a wandering eye, "Wildest Dreams" threw things back to a movie set in Africa (for better or worse), and "Bad Blood" was so explosive and action-packed, it won her a GRAMMY.

Swift also dons a snakeskin bodysuit as she rides through the streets of Tokyo.

Suddenly Swift is on top of the bar, having given up partying to play a game called-you guessed it-"End Game" on some sort of Game Boy thing. Obviously, both lads make an appearance in the video directed by Joseph Kahn.

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