Search for MH370 to restart

MH370: High-tech best chance to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight off WA coast

US company begins second search for lost Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 Video

"If we can find the specific location of the aircraft in the next search operation, I believe the three governments can provide very strong support", Mr Jiang said.

Ocean Infinity, based in Houston, has been commissioned by the Southeast Asian country to locate Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which mysteriously disappeared over the Indian Ocean almost four years ago.

Ocean Infinity, a company that explores the ocean floor, and Malaysia's government previously agreed to launch a new search for the plane. In the days immediately after MH370 went missing, there was considerable anger, particularly among Chinese relatives whom the airline flew into Kuala Lumpur.

This new move will obviously once more raise the hopes of the family and friends of the 239 people board the Malaysian airliner.

A few hours into the flight, the plane stopped sending communications, and the little information there is suggested the plane turned west and started flying south.

The plane is thought to have been diverted thousands of kilometres off course over the southern Indian Ocean, before crashing off the coast of Western Australia.

One of the biggest mysteries in aviation is back in the spotlight.

Analysis of these photos by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) which is Australia's official science agency, and Geoscience Australia indicated that 12 of the objects might be man-made.

MH370: High-tech best chance to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight off WA coast

The AUVs will be equipped with side scan sonar, multi-beam echo sounder, sub-bottom profiler, HD camera, conductivity/temperature/depth sensor, self-compensating magnetometer, synthetic aperture sonar and a turbidity sensor.

"We hope that this time, we would be able to find the wreckage to give some closure to the families", he said adding that expert had said that there are 85 per cent probability of finding the aircraft in the new search area.

Australia, China and Malaysia ended a fruitless A$200-million ($157 million) search of an area of 120,000 in January a year ago, despite investigators urging the search be extended to a 25,000-square-km area further to the north.

The operation is expected to be completed within 90 days, he said.

It is being reported that Ocean Infinity has already chartered a Norwegian vessel. It sits just outside the previous search area. We will finish the 25,000 sq km in the first three to four weeks of the search.

"There are no guarantees in a search of this type".

"No cure no fee" is a form of salvage contract under which the company will be paid only if it finds the location of the wreckage of the airplane and/or its flight recorders.

The company will be paid $20 million if the plane is found within 5,000 square kilometers, $30 million if its found within 10,000 square kilometers, and $50 million within a 25,000 square kilometer area. This sum will increase incrementally up until $70m (£52m).

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