Kashmiri cricketers arrested for playing Pakistan national anthem in pre-match ceremony

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Cricket teams booked in Kashmir as Pakistan's national anthem played before match

Two Kashmiri cricket teams have been booked and several players reportedly detained for standing just when Pakistan's national anthem was being played at a cricket match last week.

A video of the cricketers standing in attention as the Pakistani national anthem played in the background at the Government Higher Secondary School became viral on social media networking sites and was also circulated widely via WhatsApp in north Kashmir.

As Jammu and Kashmir's four boys arrested as their only fault that they respected Pakistan's national anthem, the four boys who have been arrested are from Bandipora district.

"There were some mischievous elements who created this problem, it is a far flung area and I think people were made to do this under pressure, police is now after the cricketers and this has also come in the media, but I don't think cricketers had any bad intentions", said Mr Majeed.

In 2016, a video, showing local cricketers saluting Pakistan's national anthem before the start of a match, went viral after which the following Kashmiri cricketers were detained.

"There was a local cricket tournament going on at Arin and it was the final match of the tournament", a source told the Indian Express.

The match had taken place on January 3 in the Arin village of the Bandipora district.

"The anthem was played live on Facebook and it went viral then".

NDTV reports that the boys were let off after speaking to their parents while the police are still on the lookout for the organisers of the match.

Soon after the video surfaced, the police registered a case and arrested three players who participated in the match.

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