Harvey Weinstein Attacked at Restaurant Over 'What You Did to These Women'

Harvey Weinstein was attacked Tuesday night at a restaurant... TMZ has learned

Harvey Weinstein was attacked Tuesday night at a restaurant... TMZ has learned

Steve verbally attacks Weinstein, too, calling him a "piece of st" and tells him to "get the fk out of here".

Weinstein was reportedly dining at an establishment called Elements when he was approached by a fellow diner named Steve who asked for a photograph.

The restaurant manager said that, contrary to Steve's account, Weinstein was not dismissive but "very sweet about it" when he declined to take a photo with him. However, the entire incident was captured on video that TMZ obtained.

TMZ said the person shooting asked if Weinstein wanted to call the police, though this does not appear on the video.

Weinstein was one of the first prominent figures in entertainment and politics to topple during the #MeToo movement that seeks to bring victims' voices to the forefront and hold predators accountable.

It was a rare sighting of the perv after he was accused of sexual harassment by multiple women over nearly three decades in October. The man said that Weinstein vehemently refused, although the restaurant manager stated that Weinstein did so politely.

Weinstein checked into a treatment facility in Arizona after dozens of women came forward in October with allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Reps for Weinstein told Page Six that Weinstein "is still OK and in good spirits" and that no police report was filed.

Weinstein reportedly is undergoing rehab at the exclusive Meadows center in Wickenburg, Arizona.

While Steve says Harvey stumbled backward and nearly fell, the manager clarified that "neither attempted punch connected", and Steve was out-of-control drunk.

Weinstein has been coming to Arizona since a New York Times story exposed him as a serial sexual predator.

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