Vikings will play Panthers-Saints victor in divisional round

Vikings will play Panthers-Saints victor in divisional round

Vikings will play Panthers-Saints victor in divisional round

New Orleans took the crown will host the Panthers for the second time this year in the Big Easy, Sunday at 4:40 p.m.

Behind the scenes, however, the season has been far more tumultuous. Or you can catch all the action on NFL Gamepass. Many locals have always been aware of Richardson's creepy tendencies, deep connection to right-wing politics, and suspicious racial attitudes, but the SI story was a national embarrassment for a typically under-the-radar organization.

For all of his considerable success, it's an enigma of Rivera's teams that they always seem unfinished in the same predictable ways. The former No. 1 pick also had a 59.1 completion percentage that led to 3,302 passing yards and 22 passing touchdowns.

McCoy is one of the better running backs in the game, and this isn't to say that he's a bad road performer for whatever reason. Brees doesn't have to play great. As of late, the worry isn't with Carolina's defense forcing turnovers but instead with the offense turning them into points. Unfortunately, there are days every season in which Newton couldn't hit a milk truck with a beach ball, and no one ever seems to know when those days are coming.

That had the New Orleans head coach feeling pretty good about hisself after the game.

The first-round matchup with the Saints is not fortuitous. If Funchess is neutralized, there are just not enough other weapons for the Panthers to match the Saints score for score.

But the problem for New Orleans is possible overconfidence, while human nature says Carolina will be motivated.

The Pro Bowl running back tandem of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara helped the Saints rush for 149 and 148 yards in two games against Carolina, the two highest rushing totals allowed by Carolina this season.

Quarterback Drew Brees threw for 376 yards along with 2 touchdowns. And obviously, you don't just look at the games you played them.

The Panthers are a very good team, having also compiled an 11-5 record, but they are the underdogs in Sunday's clash for a reason. Barring an injury to Brees, there is nothing to suggest the Saints won't thrive again.

Sunday's meeting between the Saints and the Panthers was the 21st since the 1970 merger that a team faced a divisional opponent in the playoffs that it had swept in the regular season, according to an ESPN report that cited the Elias Sports Bureau. Historically teams are (13-7) when it comes to sweeping the third game in the National Football League playoffs.

I don't see this happening. "When you're in the grind of the game week, it's hard to find time to do those things".

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