President Trump wants $18 Billion to build 'big, attractive wall'

President Donald Trump's Department of Homeland Security has requested $18 billion in funding to complete a wall on a portion of the US southern border in an effort to stop illegal immigration, one congressional source and one USA official told NBC News on Friday. "In some form, Mexico will pay for the wall".

Lawmakers face a 5 March deadline to find a legislative fix for the young immigrants after the Trump administration rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or Daca, the Obama-era program that offered legal status to roughly 800,000 younger undocumented migrants.

The plan on border security came in response to a request by U.S. Sen.

An administration official confirmed the document was prepared at the request of congressional negotiators and said funding for the wall and other security measures must be part of any legislative package on immigration.

The White House has demanded that funds to build the wall are included in any legislation meant to help DACA recipients.

"President Trump has said he may need a good government shutdown to get his wall".

Mexico has steadfastly rejected Trump's demand that it pay for the wall and few doubt that US taxpayers will foot the bill if the wall is built.

The Trump administration's planned "border wall system" would ultimately include 864 miles of a "new main wall and 1,163 of a replacement or secondary barrier", Politico reported, citing information in a five-page document it obtained.

Border Patrol agents patroling the United States-Mexico Border wall during Opening the Door Of Hope/Abriendo La Puerta De La Esparana, at Friendship Park in San Ysidro, Calif., on November 19, 2016.

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