Dragons and Fantastic Beasts Await In Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter World gets one last beta before some great news

Dragons and Fantastic Beasts Await In Monster Hunter

For instance, they explain that the Kushala Daora has a body covered in metal plates and can use a wind storm to prevent hunters from getting in close. The upcoming beta will keep the hunts seen in the previous two for Jagras, Anjanath and Barroth, and also add a new quest to hunt the Nergigante.

Look away vegans as Capcom have an offer strictly for those who like some meat in their mush.

I think that Monster Hunter has already built that kind of randomized, item reward into the gameplay.

Surprising no-one, Capcom have confirmed that Monster Hunter: World will be supported with post-launch content updates, many of which will be free. One, named Dodogama, has a unique saliva that causes rock to become explosive.

Capcom has shared the status of the development of the PC version of Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter World is coming for PS4 and Xbox One this month, January 26, and Capcom is being pretty transparent. The major title update will be heading into the game sometime in Spring 2018 and will include the fan-favourite monster Deviljho.

Last but not least the developer revealed some of their post-launch plans for the latest Monster Hunter iteration. Diners will be able to wash their hearty meals down with a complimentary drink, as well as getting hands-on with a demo of Monster Hunter: World, with in-built gaming consoles at each table.

This new beta will take place just a few days before the game is scheduled to release.

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