North Korea Launched IRBM That Accidentally Hit Its Own City

North Korea Might Have Accidentally Hit Its Own Cities With A Missile

North Korea Launched IRBM That Accidentally Hit Its Own City

A North Korean ballistic missile failed during a test launch, crashing and exploded in a town and causing damage to buildings and unknown casualties, missile experts have claimed.

United States officials said the Hwasong-12 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) was initially thought to have disintegrated mid-flight after it was sacked on 28 April a year ago. The Diplomat says that North Korea has the strategy of often using new sites for missile testing.

The report quoting U.S. government sources say that the missile failed within a minute of its flight.

Missile activity has been reported at the same location near Pyongyang where an ICBM test took place in November, according to CBS. The Hwasong-12 is a liquid fuel missile which uses combination of hypergolic propellant and oxidizer. The North's latest successful missile test involved a Hwasong-15, a model believed to be intercontinental - that is, having the capacity of flying over 5,500km.

Kim Jong-un inspects a Kwasong missile. The explosion destroyed some 1,850 buildings; death toll estimates range between 160 and 3,000.

Observers are also anxious that neighboring countries may regard it as an act of provocation or war should North Korean missiles and rockets veer off course and hit unintended foreign targets in South Korea, Japan or even China.

This all began when the North Korean leader claimed that he had a nuclear button on his desk at all times, to which Trump retorted back with a "I have a bigger and powerful one".

Also, the Twitter battle between the two world leaders, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un about "nuclear buttons", has only worsened the already bitter relations between the two nations.

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