Telegram 4.7 update now lets users have multiple accounts and reply quickly

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Telegram 4.7 update now lets users have multiple accounts and reply quickly

From now, Telegram users will be able to have multiple accounts on the same app officially. In addition, Telegram now support the quick reply feature that had debuted on WhatsApp months back.

The instant messaging app has repeatedly added new features that its more famous counterpart has been sorely missing on its platform.

Moreover, the iOS app still can't support multiple accounts, but the company has chose to do something new for the iOS users, as well.

Telegram already rolled out theme support for its Android app back in February a year ago, and now, it has added theme support in its iOS app as well. So now, you got the support you've wanted, if you already have more than just one account. For the users who have multiple Telegram accounts and want to access them on the same device, this feature removes the requirement of keeping extra phones.

iOS users are getting four different themes: a minimalistic Day theme, an option to put an accent on that Day theme, and two dark themes, Night and Night Blue. Obviously, you'll still need separate phone numbers for each account, but switching between them is as easy and seamless as it is in apps like Gmail. Simply swipe left on a message and you can reply to it instantly. Notably, notifications on Telegram will combine messages from all the accounts by default. However, you can change this by tapping on the Notification settings menu.

You can find the new Telegram update right now live in Google Play Store.

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