Padmavati granted UA certificate; to release with new title, Padmavat

Padmavati: CBFC Finally Certifies The Film, But Only On These Conditions Including Changing The Title!

Padmavati Should Lose A Letter To Get U/A

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's period drama Padmavati has been courting controversy ever since the announcement of the project.

India's censors on Saturday cleared the controversial film "Padmavati" after suggesting some modifications including a change in the movie title.

The film however will be released with a changed title and around 20 cuts and also disclaimers of the practices of sati, jauhar and the ghoomar dance that is presented in the film.

The meeting was joined by regular examining committee members along with CBFC officials and a special advisory panel in presence of Chairman Prasoon Joshi. The panellists had some reservations regarding the claimed historical events & socio-cultural aspects of the film, which were duly discussed at length, CBFC claims.

The film is based on Padmavat, a 16th-century poem written by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi, who gives an account of a Rajput queen of Chittor who chooses to kill herself rather than be captured by Delhi ruler Alauddin Khilji.

The decision was taken after an examining committee meeting was held on December 28 in the presence of Joshi, along with a special panel comprising Arvind Singh from Udaipur, historian Chandramani Singh and Professor K.K. Singh of Jaipur University. Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Dr Chandramani Singh and professor K K Singh of the Jaipur University were also included in the special panel.

The film's name is also to be changed from "Padmavati" to "Padmavat" now, reports suggest.

"The film was approached with a balanced view keeping in mind both the filmmakers and the society", it added. The December 1 release was deferred indefinitely by the makers and the magnum opus has been banned in multiple states, mostly ruled by the BJP. He added that all these changes are completely in agreement with the producers and director of the film.

According to ANI, Gogamedi was quoted as saying, "Our people will be outside cinema halls & each hall which shows the film will be vandalised".

Earlier, Bhansali had appealed CBFC to invite a panel of historians/academicians and members of the Rajput community to watch the movie. "CBFC gives U/A certificate for the film".

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