Apple Not Happy With Clothing Company Using The Name Steve Jobs

Apple Not Happy With Clothing Company Using The Name Steve Jobs

Apple Not Happy With Clothing Company Using The Name Steve Jobs

For those who thought Steve Jobs only refers to the flamboyant Apple CEO who also created the iPhone along with so much more are in for a pleasant surprise, there is also a clothing line going by the same name.

A Steve Jobs by any other name doesn't sound as sweet, but is perfectly legal.

As The Verge reports, it started back in 2012 when Italian brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato realized Apple hadn't trademarked the name Steve Jobs, so they did instead.

La Repubblica Napoli reports that the brother realised Apple had failed to trademark its founder's name, Steve Jobs, and decided to make use of the opportunity. It became their company name with the logo based on the Apple logo by adding a bite mark to the "J" in Steve Jobs. Therefore the company is not is not ripping off Apple's iconic logo and upheld the brother's trademark.

Brand recognition is everything is key, they say.

As things would stand right now, the Barbato brother's trademark prevails over that of Apple. It said the brothers should be free to carry on using their trademark.

The inexplicable decision apparently rested on the fact that Apple chose to focus on the bite from the letter J, arguing that this was clearly copying its own logo.

The Barbatos plan to continue coming up with Steve Jobs-themed clothing apparel and similar fashion accessories bearing the same name, like shirts, bags, jeans, and whatnot.

'We are working on a line of highly innovative electronic devices, projects we have been working on for years, ' the pair said. Already being forced to admit older iPhones were being purposefully slowed down, followed by an apology and cheap battery replacement offer, now Apple has lost a multi-year Steve Jobs branding legal battle.

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