Cardi B Live Sex Vid with Offset? Sure Looks Like It

Cardi B and her boyfriend shocked fans with this Instagram live session

Cardi B and her boyfriend shocked fans with this Instagram live session

"A lot of good things been happening to me ya'll, it has been so good like you know my career, I got a good azz family, and I am so thankful", she said in a video before she started tearing up. "I still put the p***y on Offset", she tweeted on December 25.

Page Six adds that before their pretend session Cardi talks about her mother.

Don't clutch your pearls just yet, though; Cardi's camp told TMZ that the video was just a joke.

"People keep posting the nude videos of me like if I wasn't a stripper before", she wrote.

Joking: She says in the clip: 'I don't got no more in me left. "You know there's videos of me stripping with my titties & a** out on YouTube already right?"

"The video is said to be a "preview" to a more explicit sex tape". Over the weekend, Cardi B posted some cryptic messages on Twitter and Instagram telling her fans that she is emotionally and thanking them for their support.

A request for comment from Cardi B's rep wasn't immediately returned.

One Twitter user asked, 'Why are people leaking nude videos of Cardi B?

Obviously, nothing rated actually happened as both of them were wearing clothes, but Cardi still posted an Insta story afterward to assure her followers that they were not watching porn! Fameolous also reported that the unclad video of Cardi B was leaked by the same hacker.

And for anyone anxious about the future of Cardi and Offset's relationship, Cardi basically confirmed that they're still very much together on Christmas, writing on Twitter, "I still put the p*ssy on offset".

Cardi's follow-up to "Bodak Yellow' is a track called "Bartier Cardi", and many are slamming her social media because the flow sounds similar to Tommy Genesis' track called "Tommy."".

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